Impossible Situations

Impossible SituationsMy life is full of impossible situations. My mother is dying and the doctor has said she can no way survive beyond one month! It is time to pray and I don’t know what else I can do. We have gone to various doctors and hospitals but there is no hope given by anyone. They all suggest that we put her in some hospice and let her have a peaceful death.
Today he was told that they are cutting down on the resources and by the coming season they will have to let him go. Every person who came to know about it said that the same is happening in their organization too. They are cutting costs and reducing the overheads so letting many people go. There is a financial downturn and the companies are not doing well. So all his good friends suggested that he take up whatever job that comes along. Even if he has to take a pay cut, he should be able to tide over these difficult times by accepting the jobs that come his way.
She is passing through financial hell. Her sales are down and no inventory in her stores. The customers aren’t coming and the cash flow has completely ebbed. Her friends suggested she should give up and close down her store. Today not only are customers very choosy but they have number of outlets to go to. Then there is Internet sales going on. So many companies selling the same stuff on the Internet and they are undercutting each other and the only one who is benefiting is the customer. It would be better to cut her losses and wind up her stores and take up a job.
In every situation did you notice that everyone said that there is no future left for that individual so they better give up. They were all giving grim market situations or other examples where there is absolutely no hope. That death, loss of job, no money or no hope is the only alternative left in this world. Don’t you think that it is the height of pessimism? No one can see the light at the end of the grim battle. It is only mayhem and destruction. Absolutely no hope in afterlife.
You meet such great individuals everywhere in life and they call themselves your best friends. But after you have seen how they have advised do you believe they can be anything but your worst enemies? They deserve to be jettisoned out of your life. Throw out such useless people who can never give you any sane advice. They will say that whatever they said was favorable to you and they were talking about market realities or hard truths about life. They are bullshitting you.
Now think about this one being or hope in your life. God! What would you do if you were God almighty and some such soul came to you asking for help? Would you not be kind and compassionate to that person? Or would you say that there is no hope and this world is only full of misery? So what would you do? I am sure you will be full of hope, kindness, love, compassion, helpful, motivating and so on. You would show them the way out of the worst case scenario. Be it death, no job, no money, heartbreak, natural disasters or whatever worst that could happen to man, you as God would give hope and make it good.
So we all turn to God because we know for sure that He is our best friend and guide. He only thinks good about us. He never wants us to fall down ever. He wants us to rise above these petty issues and become strong. He doesn’t want us to fall or suffer.
So God has kept His representatives on this planet earth to assist us. These are those Samaritans who work with us in empowering ourselves. These Samaritans help us look upwards and see the bright side of life. They tell us there is always hope and goodness in Gods world. They show us the upper side of life. In death they hold our hands. In life they hold our hands in raising ourselves. When we fall down they help us out of our troubles. Turn towards these people. Get hope and encouragement in life.
Only those who don’t have any ulterior motives in life can be called representatives of God. They are free from malice and only do their job diligently. To the above three examples they would look at it differently. To the first they would give hope and love. They would pray and assure that God will take care of them. Their terminal problems would be terminated. No more sufferings for them here or hereafter. To the second person they would say that there are lots of newer opportunities out there. Show them the path and lead them towards a newer job or business and give hope. To the third example they would say to look for greater opportunities in varied places. Put full efforts in marketing and plan for success.
If God could make His world from nothing, don’t you think God can create anything from thin air? Remember Buddha says we have to go back from where we came from, that is Nothing! If He said so, then don’t you think that God is capable of everything. If God could make an ordinary man into God Himself, then what makes us think that He can’t do the impossible today? You too can be the Samaritan!
Everyone has that essence of God within our hearts but we need to empower that One. When we empower this God within, we will be capable of performing even the most impossible tasks in this world easily. Know that this God resides within and knowing which we can do anything in this world. You can create anything out of nothing. So believe firmly the God within and do that impossible. So go out there and make it possible, Get a life, get a great job or do you business successfully. Be good, be God, be that Samaritan.

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