The Great Deluder

great deluderThe human mind is the great deluder and knows what is needed by you and divulges only that much information. It has the power to hide and cover up with deliberation other things which are not needed for its main purpose.
Let me explain that. When you are really very very angry with someone whom you love, the mind will tell you things that can blow up or expand your anger much more. It will never show you the truth about the love of that person. You can only see red, unpalatable episodes, ugly words, pick and choose instances, times when there have been only fights, words that spoke ill will, etcetera.
Mind will throw up all that is bad and ugly. Never will it show you how loving that person was or how the goodness flowed. It will show only bitterness. It will hide everything that can calm you down, break up the tension, cease the fight, destroy the venom or put in a loving word. It will make all efforts to show you only the ugly side of life and not even a glimpse of the good times.
At other times when you are in love with someone, your mind will hide all your hurt and anger of some past life or episodes. Being in love clears up all the cobwebs around, makes a person glow in the dark, bask in the sunshine of happiness, make a person smile, joke and play a winning game. It is full of warmth, laughter and positivity. There is no sign of ugliness you experience in hatred.
Now you can see how these two differ from each other. You hate to be in one and love to be in another. But can you have the same feeling or expression in both these situations?
We learn how not to get swayed by anger or praise in spiritual. Both these situations are dependent on the mind. There cannot be a greater showman than the mind. Artist, theatre personality, story teller, writer, actor, bullshitter and whatnot is the mind. Don’t get fooled by what it dishes out. Maya or the illusory power of The Lord works hand and glove with the mind. So just don’t get fooled by all these creations of your mind.
Think all that you heard or imagined was done by this mind. So what is the truth? The truth is only you are real. The You is the Self alone. The rest is unreal. All the praises are fake and false. All the brickbats and anger or grief is just gas.
Don’t fall for either. Only God is real. So don’t you bother about anything else. Equanimity of mind is what will give you the true happiness or bliss. So be equipoised and stop reacting to everything. Just be lost in your own Self. Nothing else matters.

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