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Travel the worldI want to travel the world over, God, give me the wherewithal to do so!

Another travel bug hit person coming up! I am tired of you guys!

But I want to go to far away places and feel nice.

Ok, go! Why have to come to ask me?

I need some leave and money also. So I need your help. Tell my boss to sanction my leave and some extra bonus.

How many holidays do you get in a year? You are perennially on leave. I don’t remember seeing you stay at home.

But I love to travel. So I don’t want to stay at home.

Why do you love to travel all the time? Don’t you get bored seeing the same stuff again and again.

No, God! It’s not the same stuff. There are too many different things to see in this world of yours and to experience too.

But that’s not the reason for traveling. It’s more to do with not having a girlfriend or some companion, right?

That is not important. Traveling alone man lives life the fullest.

No way. Look at your pal! He goes with his girlfriend and they enjoy much more than you.

That’s all bs! I don’t have to take anyone’s permission whether I can go here or there. Neither do I have to share my bed or bath. Women bring in lots of problems when they travel.

You are a very biased man. I made them that way so that the world progresses. On the contrary, man is not even needed for anything at all.

That’s a very racist statement. God, do you hate man? You made us too.

I am just trying to tell you everything is perfect in its place. Don’t have biased views.

Have you ever traveled with a woman? She needs to find a bathroom every few hundred miles! I can just drive till the end of my destination and then take a leak.

You wouldn’t say that if you were given their bodies. Anyway, I cannot do anything at all for your money or holidays. Don’t go!

But why? I find my peace going to such wonderful places. I have to go! I want to go! I need to go!

Look at you! You are obsessed with travel. What fun is there to see the same stuff everywhere? Sands, mountains, lanes, waterways, monuments, ruins, seashores, salt pans, old colonies, big structures and all that are just the same everywhere.

It’s not that. You won’t understand what we travelers get there. We get peace and tranquility. Satisfaction and fulfillment! It’s the greatest orgasm we can ever have.

Ha, ha! For all that you have your laptop and television. You can watch all you want on Discovery channel or some other. You don’t have to spend so much time, money and energy!

But I am earning for that reason alone. I earn sufficient to fulfill my dreams of traveling around.

Dude! The most important thing is called satisfaction and feeling fulfilled in life. For that you don’t have to go anywhere at all.

If I don’t go anywhere, how will my urge get satisfied. I have to travel.

No way! What you say is lust and greed. Some lust for bodies and some for stuff like this. At the end of your life, it’s still lust and greed.

So be it. I don’t care. I love travel, period.

Even if you do travel frugally and as you say on a shoestring budget, don’t you think it costs money, time and discomfort? Why not spend some of your dollars on a few homeless people?

I do charity like that also. But this is for me. I feel restless if I cannot travel.

That’s the thing which I was talking about. You have to feel absolutely full of yourself. You can get it right here. For that you don’t have to wear your travel shoes.

How’s that? I cannot kill my desires of travel. I love other cultures too.

You can find variety near you too. Listen son, find peace within your own self first. You can be full of yourself. You needn’t search for that anywhere at all. My sages were fully lost in themselves. They hardly caught the travel bug.

But there are sages who went from place to place. Look at Buddha or Padmasambhava, Ashoka’ s son and daughter, the Apostles, etc.

These people never travelled for pleasure like you. They found pleasure in their own selves. They travelled to spread the teachings and educate others.

Ya, right! But I don’t care about them. I love to eat the various cuisines of this world.

You are an impossible person. Go, you are only worthy of eating dog or camel meat! I will ensure you not only get your leave sanctioned but that too permanently. As for money is concerned, let’s say you deserve a good severance package. Aargh! Idiot!

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