GM Foods

salad-374173_1280Many don’t like GM foods. There are protests and raised voices. There are those who vehemently oppose genetically modified stuff and there are those who live with it. There are those who consume it every single day and yet oppose it not realizing their own follies. Can they achieve a world where everything is moving towards that? Ask yourself that- whether you are capable of accepting what nature is doing right now?

Every little thing that you eat is genetically modified, whether you like it or not. Look at the poor farmer! He has to spend money and buy the seeds from companies every year and cannot keep back the grains to be used for seeds the next year around but that is what the farmer did many years ago. Why does he have to do this new thing of buying seeds? The second generation of grains cannot bear newer crops since they have been tampered with heavily. So the farmer is at loggerheads with seed companies.

Now let’s see your other stuff in the refrigerator. The eggs that you eat are again artificially created by inducing hens to lay eggs. They are fed and given stuff which our previous hens were not subjected to. The coop gives the owners hundreds of eggs and tons of meat, now after they got these special chickens with their special foods. Do you think those eggs can be fertilized for further generation? You must be joking if you think you could rear such chicken in the old fashioned way. There will be no further generations from these eggs and neither can the chicken give you more of their breed. The coop owner has to go back to the big supplier of these special birds.

So you think your milk is perfect? Or the dairy which gives you your so called fresh milk, actually gives you fresh cream or milk? You must be crazy to think that the milk of the holy cow comes from her. She gives milk everyday and that’s a wonder. Why would naturally reared cows give milk every single day and how would they conceive naturally? Look for the milk and know how it is reconstituted everyday. Even the fat is added artificially and it is not the naturally occurring kind.

Should I tell you about the tomatoes or potatoes, onions and other veggies? Everything in this world is concocted and not the real stuff. So why would you protest now for some silly stuff? You are already bombarded with every kind of unnatural stuff. So you think you are eating ice cream? Look at the pack and check the contents. It might be again milk solids with other fatty stuff from vegetable or animal kingdom.

For getting more and more yields or increasing production of your day to day items the industry around is resorting to artificial methods. Few who protest hardly know that the whole world is consuming such stuff regularly. Food grains, fruits, flowers, grocery items, milk, eggs, poultry, etc., are no longer natural or without modifications.

Overall the concept of not accepting such genetically modified stuff sounds foolish as we have no choices due to the greed of multinationals or few select people. Every government will quash such moves as it is detrimental to the success of their country. They cannot disregard the other fast tracked nations. Growing along with other nations at similar pace is extremely important.

So with that in mind, how can someone oppose the introduction of these changes. Knowingly or unknowingly people are exposed to the ever changing scenario in the material world. It’s the order of the day and no one can stop it. It is better to accept it and comfort oneself that armageddon is fast approaching. Kaliyuga rules, my friend. Beware!

Personally, I don’t endorse or recommend GM or any other kind of foods. The idea of three kinds of foods like the satvik, rajasik or tamasik kind is heavily skewed, I feel every food today leans towards tamasik type.

My suggestion is to cultivate pure breeds on other planets or outer space in the near future, what says?

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