Scriptures In Simple Language

Scriptures In Simple LanguageCan we not have scriptures in simple languages? Do we have to learn stuff only by old techniques using coded languages passed down in a secretive method? Can we not learn simply?
Patanjali came much later than SriRam or Shree Krsna. Maybe he wrote multiple treatises on yoga and grammar or whatnot. But today everywhere people follow all kinds of yoga. It has become a craze and there are so many branches of it that it is difficult to recognize the original.
It’s exactly like the martial arts which were exported to China from India in ancient times. Today we have so many branches of martial arts like Kung fu, Taichi, Shaolin and so on. Which one is original and which one is derived? It is impossible to recognize the ancient one. Every exponent says that his or her art is original and ancient.
Likewise is our language and words. The English cannot own the language since it has morphed into so many different types. The American version of English is also concocted. Can someone say what are Americans or who are Indians? Both are a whole load of races, castes, creeds, religions, nationalities, aboriginals, settlers, etc.
If everything in this world is changing, then why can we not accept it and say that change is essential for anything to grow. Humans change and so does everything around them. The original doesn’t exist in its pure form. Maybe a hint is all that it retains.
The holy scriptures were written in some ancient language which is extremely difficult to understand or interpret today. It requires a historian or an expert to decipher the language or scriptures. But these people are language experts and not those who can convey the true meaning of the scriptures. Scriptures were written or dictated or learnt by rote in languages which aren’t in vogue anymore. Sanskrit or Hebrew, Koine or Greek, Coptic or some other languages are lost to the common man and yet some people swear by these ancient languages. Learning the scriptures in some ancient language which no one around can understand or decipher, is disservice to mankind by these fellows who insist on reciting them that way. Most people are simple minded folks whereas these spiritual subjects are concerned and the more complicated the tongue the tougher it is for them to grasp the true meaning of the same.
Shri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa once said that he has never read the Bhagvad Gita in his life but if you were to invert the word Gita then the true meaning of that profound book is known. He said Tagi or tyaga which means sacrifice would simply explain the actual meaning of the text. Sages like Saibaba also studied the ancient scriptures but when he had to speak to the people around, he used the colloquial language or Prakrit for them to understand.
Today I teach the Bhagvadam or Bhagvad Gita, Gnostic scriptures or Bible or some other spiritual books in a simple English language for everyone to understand and apply. I have no knowledge of any of the ancient languages and that doesn’t deter me from expounding on such deeper texts. Reciting Sanskrit verses just confuses simple human beings and makes the knower of such stuff look good. The pompous nature of scholar can be seen when he talks in high tongue, instead of languages of the masses or common folks.
Only exceptional exponents should read or write in high flown language. If they could make the masses learn and understand the meanings in simplistic prose then it would serve mankind. Scholars should be involved in deciphering the codices and making it simpler for all to understand.
Let the teachers of various arts make themselves understood by the common man. This will enable the simple minded folks access to these esoteric arts.
Patanjali or any other exponent could have written about the ancient form of yoga or grammar but today the need of the hour is to give an expression to different forms, derived or original, of yoga. Look at the world around and you will find the yoga today is called by different names by different people and it has already adapted to that place just like other scriptures and body exercises. There aren’t any secrets or codecs anymore. Anyone can patent their own brand of yoga or martial art. They create their own sanctity. So adapt and move ahead. The latest brand of knowledge dished out is for the modern you.

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