The Trinity within Me

IMG_2224After a very happy home-coming I became quite excited about the journey in the esoteric world, a land far beyond my ken and understanding. To me it became something to look forward to and with wonderful experiences every single day, I was maddened by the thought of wanting to excel in the world of Spirituality.

While I was a happy-go-lucky soul, my Krsna Master was not. For Him it was the greatest moment of disappointment with his 1st student as she had failed Him by not being able to stand His teachings. She had dissociated herself from Him and did not want to speak with or meet my Guru and it hurt Him beyond belief. Since He said that she had been his highest disciple, he set her as a sort of a catalyst in my journey. To put it simply, I was hell-bent on outdoing her and becoming the Highest and number one devotee to my Krsna Master.

Whereas my Krsna Master was concerned, he did not want to teach anybody nor did he want anything to do with me especially as he had been told by Dattatreya that I would be the most difficult student. It was my Master’s Guru’s instruction that my Master will have to teach me. After trying hard to shoo me away with all sorts of tests, He could not! I followed my Krsna Master like a loyal little puppy would and here I am, even today.

So my Master finally accepted me as his devotee and student! He started giving me books to read, one at a time and began to teach me various things. But being an ignorant one, I was dreaming of achieving the Highest Goal in Spiritual and hence started to pester my Master on getting to put me on a ‘fast track’. Little did I realize what it is to journey on the path of the Spiritual.

My master very sweetly nodded to everything I said but it’s only much later in life that the truth of this ‘fast track’ came to light and I shall explain this wonderful experience in detail. But for now, coming back as I was moving along, a beautiful experience came to be. Just the day before, my Master had read me a story from Ramakrishna Pramahamsa’s book and explained to me a portion of how Ramakrishnaji and Sharada Ma lived a spiritual life and shared no material worldly relationship. He explained the concept of Shiv and Shakti Principle. One early morning on a Thursday in the February of 2010, a very strange experience happened.

I was asleep but was very much conscious of what was happening. It was the early hour of Brahma Muhurtham or the twilight. I could see Ramakrishnaji and Sharada Ma in full effulgence, smiling at me and then blessing me. Suddenly they both turn into snakes entwined into each other and enter the Mooldhara chakra penetrating through the various chakras and finally hitting my Sahasrara. I suddenly felt my body swoon and felt powerful vibrations all throughout from head to toe.

I wasn’t able to open my eyes at all and in the same state I got up and sat in my bed. Then suddenly I saw Dattatreya, Ramakrishnaji and Sai Baba, all three of them standing in front of me! As I prostrated before them, tears rolled down my cheeks in ecstasy. Suddenly Dattatreya literally entered my heart with full force followed by Ramakrishnaji and Sai Baba and they were established in my heart from then on. I don’t have words to describe the exact feeling but this is like exactly what you might have watched in Hollywood science fiction where a person literally enters into another! I could feel the full force of push and punch through my entire body when they entered and I remember feeling my chest go inward and out due to the powerful push and then settle. It was the most surreal experience!

My Krsna Master is only fulfilling my deepest urge of progressing in my path of Spiritual. These experiences are only to establish my firmness for my God/Guru. Humbled at the kindness and compassionate of my Master whose focus is my Spiritual Weal and progress alone in this material world.  As I pen this beautiful experience I can still feel the same force all over again and can see before my eyes the loving smile of the Trinities within my heart.

With the grace of my Master I have been able to pen this most wonderful experience in a string of words. Thank you for reading and do watch out for my next write-up about ‘My Wanting to Fast Track in Spiritual’.


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